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01 about


My strength is to stand in chaos, conflict and constant change with an open heart and discerning mind, boundary spanning between opposing sides, listening deeply, and translating across differences so that we might hear what the other is truly saying.


My purpose is building peace, social justice and reconciliation within and between us.  I go about this in pragmatic, emotionally intelligent, and collaborative ways. 


I am a fiercely kind, experience-tested guide: eyes still on the horizon of possibility, heart and mind all in, feet still firmly planted on the ground. 



02 reflective practice

Reflective Practice:
Individuals and teams

As within, so without.

What is it?

  A semi-structured way of learning to make meaning of past events in order to inform future actions.  By strengthening self- and relational-awareness, I support individuals and teams to become more nimble, confident and empowered to face rapid and complex change.  

How I use it to help:

  • Addressing individual and team dysfunction

  • Managing transitions

  • Developing staff goals

  • Team building

  • 1-1 reflective practice coaching (practitioners to leaders)

  • Conflict resolution (individual and team levels)

Anchor 1

03 systems thinking

Systems Thinking:
Organizations, Community, Culture

As above, so below.

What is it?

 A semi-structured way of finding order (predictable patterns, root causes, power dynamics) in complex, often chaotic, fast changing systems. 


 By strengthening systems awareness, I support organizations to build new capacities to work better together on shared goals.  

How I use it to help:

  • Addressing organizational dysfunction

  • Managing organizational change

  • Conflict resolution (organizational levels)

  • Developing strategy, designing programs and structures

04 about gretchen

  Gretchen Woodman holds degrees in psychology (BA), social work (BSW) and a Masters (MA) degree in Conflict Analysis and Management, specializing in facilitation and systems thinking. 

  Gretchen spent the first decade of her career working for the BC provincial government in child protection social work practice.  She spent the next decade working for the Wet’suwet’en Hereditary Chiefs negotiating their transfer of wellness jurisdiction and designing and implementing distinctly Wet’suwet’en child and family wellness programs animated by Wet’suwet’en practitioners. 

  Now in her third decade of practice, Gretchen offers consulting services grounded in systems thinking and reflective practice to bring about transformational change, specifically as it relates to social justice, peacebuilding and reconciliation. 

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